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About the Company

Discover Ukraine’s staff is a cohesive team of professionals who are united by the passion to their work and true love to traveling. We love to discover new cities and countries and therefore know for sure what any tourist wants to see in a travel guide. We create applications that help to make any trip as comfortable and as vividly impressionable as possible.

We work on the international market of tourist services since 2008. Over this time we have managed to study this sector thoroughly, learned to detect and to satisfy customers’ hidden desires, adopted practices of the strongest players on the market and perfected our strategy and approach.

Since 2012, we have created 16 unique travel guides for 9 recognized tourist destinations. Being used by hundreds of thousands of travelers, they are very informative and universal in their application, high-quality tourist resources. During their existence, our guides have become ideal assistants for travelers worldwide and have earned users’ trust, as indicated by their high rating: our products are among the most popular apps in the App Store in their category.

Why Discover Ukraine?

The twenty first century dictates its conditions: modern people can’t imagine their existence without the Internet and mobile devices. Most residents of developed and developing countries use them for searching for information, buying goods and services. Cell phones were replaced by communicators and smart phones that combine functions of a cell phone and a pocket PC. Now you can access the Internet from mobile devices and numerous applications allow receiving all the necessary information directly on your cell phone.

Thanks to our internet resource  and the series of tourist guides for mobile devices  we have managed to attract attention of users of both information spaces. Each of our users is a traveler, who is deliberately looking for a suitable recreation option and is willing to spend money on it. Our customers are your active target audience and we are ready to share it with you.

Thousands of travelers worldwide use our travel guides around Ukraine daily, and every new day brings us new and new users. 70% of them become our loyal clients and use our applications during the whole trip.

Place your advertisement with Discover Ukraine today and tomorrow the information about you will appear in thousands of mobile devices and on monitor screens of your potential clients. At the same time, you won’t impose palled on advertisements on the users: your potential customers will get interested in your products or services themselves. We will open up tremendous opportunities of innovative advertising in front of you and will help you to multiply profits.

Advertising with us is an investment that facilitates increase in sales.

Please contact our Marketing and PR division regarding placement of information and advertisement. We will be happy to discuss details of cooperation, provide any additional information and consider your proposals.

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