House: Age of Changes

(0322) 75-17-34
Center of Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe, Lviv, Bogomoltsa St. 6

Working hours: March 15 - May 10

The goal of the exhibition "House: Age of Changes" is to demonstrate how the look of the dwelling house changed in the course of the 20th century, to show cultural and social factors of these changes, as well as their political and ideological contexts. The exhibition shows house as many-sided phenomenon that interprets the whole complex of national, cultural and gender factors. And although the house is presented as universal cultural phenomenon for Central and Eastern Europe, the exposition is devoted, in the first place, to Lviv.

Generally the house is considered to be personal space. However, it may be also considered as particular model of society that can tell a lot about external world, in particular, about constant interaction of private and public, personal and social planes.

The format of the exhibition allows combining descriptive narrative with different multimedia applications. The exhibition hall is divided into two parts with different content and visual filling.

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