Ukraine is a truly unique place to visit. The biggest European country, and located in its very heart, it is strikingly different from the majority of the European nations and is a real mystery for millions of tourists. Travelers from all over the world come here to not only to enjoy its rare nature, but also to be filled with the spirit of the Cossacks, to get to know its rich cultural legacy, and to try its famous borsht. Ukraine attracts with its mysteries and draws in adventurers, who strive to discover its highly complex character.

Each visitor feels like a treasure hunter because he never knows what treasures he may come across. In this sense, Ukraine is a treasure chest stuffed to its brim with wonderful riches. How magnificent is its natural beauty! It contains two majestic rivers - the Dnieper and Dniester, which are framed by the greenest banks. You can visit two very different, strikingly beautiful seas – the Black and the Azov. The only desert in Europe - Oleshky Sands – lies near the largest artificial forest in the world, with its ideally evenly planted trees and exotic flora. You can also visit nature reserves, where rare species of animals live and the Red Book flowers grow. Ancient mountain ranges (the Crimean Mountains and Carpathian Mountains), crystal lakes, charming waterfalls, mysterious backwaters, uninhibited islands, underground caves, and amazing daffodil valleys – all this natural diversity is concentrated on Ukraine’s territory.

Thanks to its unique natural gifts, Ukraine is the ideal place for resting and healing. People from all over the world come to resorts that feature therapeutic muds, minerals, springs, and a fantastic climate.

But, of course, the country’s main treasure is its people. The Ukrainian nation, despite its complicated history and uneasy present state, is distinguished with innate optimism, breadth of soul, and spirituality. This is probably because Ukrainians are very religious people. Ukraine is a home to many religions. The representatives of very different confessions live here in harmony: Orthodox temples stand next to Catholic cathedrals, mosques, and synagogues. And Ukrainian churches - the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, the Sviatohirsk Monastery - are not only symbols of spirituality, but are also unique landmarks, as well.

A trip to Ukraine is also an opportunity to learn about its interesting culture, which occupies a special place in European cultural heritage, and about its unique ancient customs. The traditions of each people that have lived on Ukraine’s territory have been interweaved in peculiar way.

Ukraine’s diversity is reflected in its cuisine, famous for its great taste. Borsht, vareniki, home-made sausages, pamushkas, and chicken Kyiv have grown famous across the world long ago, and are now served in the restaurants of many countries. But to discover how they really taste is possible only in Ukraine! And only here you can try the real Ukrainian salo (pork fat) – if when put it on a piece of dark bread and chase it with a shot of cold horilka (Ukrainian vodka), you will not want to leave! Each region of the country is famous for its unique culinary traditions. Ukrainian beverages are highly appreciated as well - stimulating 'varenukha', refreshing kvass, and, of course, the well known 'live’ beer.

Ukraine lives a festive life. Ukrainian and international music, art, and film festivals take place there each year, gathering a broad international audience. And very soon, Ukraine will become a paradise for millions of fans from different corners of Europe, who will come in Ukraine to watch the Euro 2012 soccer matches.

Whatever the goal of your visit is, you can rest assured knowing that a trip around Ukraine will be a real feast for you. To the person who manages to unlock this mysterious country’s secrets, Ukraine will dazzle with its beauty and challenge all preconceived notions.



Hot Events

January 6

Vertep Parade in Lviv - Lviv

The Christmas in Lviv is one of the most cherished holidays, and traditional Ukrainian vertep and didukh are inseparable part of it. On January 6, the festive installation of didukh will take place on Svobody Avenue. It is one of the Ukrainian authentic Christmas decorations, which symbolize harvest, wealth and amulet. It is made with the first or the last sheaf and it is shaped like a tree. The next day, vertep with Christmas carol songs (kolyadky) and traditional celebration will be held. The holiday's climax is the parade of colorful verteps, which will take place in the Lviv downtown on January 8. Initially, vertep was a puppet theater however later it turned into live one with actors walking form home to home signing Ukrainian carol songs. They disguised as angel, shepherd, three kings, demon, cossacks, and many others. The vertep is led by a man carrying a star – a symbol of that star that heralded the birth of Jesus.

August 22

Sorochintsi Fair - Poltava

It's one of the most vivid and picturesque events of the festival life of Ukraine. Sorochintsi Fair acquired huge popularity after the publication of the narrative of the same name by famous writer and native of the village Big Sorochintsi - Nikolai Gogol. On the one side, it is a large trade festival, where leading enterprises from Ukraine and from other countries introduce their products: here you may buy works of folk trade, modern industrial goods, foodstuff, and taste dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine in taverns. On the other side, Sorochintsi Fair is a vivid theatrelized performance, and sellers dressed in national costumes, craftsmen, actors dressed as characters from Gogol works and folklore bands, as well as vast concert and amusement program add special coloring to it. How to get here. The best way is to go by train or by bus to Mirgorod, and from there - by bus or by route taxi to Big Sorochintsi. During the Fair amount of transport going from bus and railway stations

Articles & Reviews

Ukrainian Castles with the Most Interesting Legends

Medieval castles, which have survived on Ukraine’s territory and serve as a vivid illustration of its turbulent history, are reckoned among the most attractive sights in the country. Age-old fortification complexes, which are mostly concentrated in the western region, attract not only with their monumental architecture, interesting history and fascinating energy properties, but also with a kaleidoscope of captivating legends. We’ve selected five Ukrainian castles that are associated with the most impressive legends. Uzhgorod Castle, Uzhgorod Uzhgorod Castle is one of the oldest and most majestic fortification facilities in Ukraine. Its history is tightly connected with Hungarian magnates of the Druget family who owned the castle for more than four centuries. The fortress became truly impregnable and acquired its most famous legend during their rule. The story goes that once upon a time, a Polish voivode decided to conquer the Uzhgorod castle. He made an incognito visit to the city and

Seven Must-Dos in Lviv

Recently the portal VirtualTourist has published a list of the European cities that its users – experienced travelers – advise to visit this summer without fail. Lviv was mentioned as the leader in tourist attractiveness. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine and of the Old World. In turn, we have prepared a list of seven things, which you should inevitably do in order to get the most out of visiting Lviv. Admire the Old Town from the Town Hall The observation deck, situated on the tower of the Town Hall at the Market Square, is one of the most frequently visited places in Lviv. And there is no surprise in that, for it reveals breathtaking views of the unique architectural ensemble of the historical center, which looks like an outdoor museum and is listed among the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. In order to get a bird’s eye view of the Old Town, you will have to walk up more than 400 stairs. But then, on your way up, you will have a chance to see the mechanism of the Town H