Johann Georg Pinsel Museum of Sculpture
The museum of sacral baroque sculpture is reckoned among the Lviv’s most interesting and impressive museums. It keeps the unique heritage of Johann Georg Pinsel – one of the most talented and mysterious sculptors of the 18th century. He is nicknamed Ukrainian Michelangelo for extraordinary mastery. The museum is situated in the building of the age-old Catholic church, which formerly belonged to t

House of Scientists
The building of the former noble casino and now the House of Scientists is one of the Lviv most amazing and perfect architectural structures and is recognized as a valuable neo-baroque monument. The construction was ordered by the studs’ owners club and was carried out by the famous Austrian company Fellner and Helmer, in 1898. They are known for designing such famous buildings like Vienna Observa

Svobody Avenue • Lviv
Svobody Avenue
Svobody Avenue • Lviv
Svobody Avenue is the city main street combining functions of the business and cultural center. It is Lviv’s second most important historical spot after the Rynok Square. The avenue owes its status of one of the most beautiful and elegant streets in the city to its splendid architecture, which harmonically combines traits of various historical styles. Elegant ancient houses, framing it from both s

Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum
The Lviv National Museum, situated in the very beautiful building on the Svobody Avenue, is one of the largest museums in Ukraine that features a considerable collection of Ukrainian visual arts. It was founded by the Greek Catholic metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, whose name it has now. Initially, it was a Church Museum and was aimed to develop Ukrainian national culture. The core of National Muse

Museum of Chocolate
Lviv has been always associated with chocolate: alluring fragrance of this worldwide beloved product seems to float in the air. Since recently, these associations are supported not only by seductive showcases with a bulk of chocolate sweets that can be seen virtually on every street of the Old Town, but also by the first Museum of Chocolate in Ukraine that was opened on the Lviv History Museum’s p

Stryi Park • Lviv
Stryi Park
Stryi Park • Lviv
The Stryi Park is the largest one in the city and is reckoned among the oldest and the most picturesque parks not only in Lviv but in the whole Ukraine. Rightfully recognized as one of the best samples of landscape art, it is the most visited place in the city. Park’s neat lanes are always crowded by people willing to rest from urban fuss and admire magnificent sceneries. The Stryi Park was design

History of Religion Museum
The Lviv History of Religion Museum, situated in the very beautiful building of the former Dominican Monastery, is the only one in Ukraine and one of the very few museums in the world that boast about such an imposing collection of materials, telling the history of world and national religions. Its impressive collection features more than fifty thousand exhibits, most of which are absolutely uniqu

Carmelite Church
An elegant building of the former Carmelite Church is situated outside the Old Town, in which Lviv’s main architectural gems are located, but is not inferior to them in its beauty and historical value. The imposing cathedral, standing at the foot of the High Castle, draws attention with its refined towers, crowned with pointed spires, and elegant decoration, as well as with breathtaking views of t

Royal Arsenal • Lviv
Royal Arsenal
Royal Arsenal • Lviv
The building of the former Royal Arsenal, which was a part of the city fortification system, is one of the few monuments of the Lviv medieval defensive architecture that have survived until now and preserved the spirit and atmosphere of those times. Unlike the City Arsenal, which was maintained at civil cost, the Royal Arsenal was built on order and on money of the Polish King Wladyslaw IV. It is
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