Dr. Goorvin

Kosmonavtiv Ave. 2-a
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: European
Average cheque: 150 uah.
Working hours: from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Capacity: 115

Situated in Vinnytsia outskirts, the restaurant Dr. Goorvin is a perfect place, where one can hide from urban hustle and bustle and taste dainty dishes in cozy atmosphere.

Facility’s menu is a mixture of west- and east-European gastronomic traditions. All dishes are cooked from natural and green products. Restaurant’s bar list boasts of the wide assortment of elite strong drinks, as well as wines from the Old and New World. An experienced sommelier helps to sort out the diverse wine offer.

The restaurant features two-level room: the first level can accommodate 25 guests, and the upper one numbers 40 seats. Summer terrace for 50 seats works during the warm months.

Average rating
Ratings: 8


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