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The so called recreational diving prospers at the southern resorts of Ukraine. It is the diving with special equipment that allows staying under the water for quite a long time, but on relatively little depth - up to 40 meters. At that, the beginners dive regularly on much lesser depth. The recreational diving allows enjoying the process of diving itself, learning the underwater flora and fauna, and possibly some other underwater objects (sunken ships, etc.) without significant load on the organism.

Moreover, in resort towns the tourists are invited to try the so called intro-diving. The thing is that even the recreational diving demands certain and relatively prolonged training with receiving of official documents. Intro-diving, on the other hand, opens the underwater world even for those, who suddenly decided to try it. The novice goes through the quick briefing on the basic questions, and during the underwater trip he is accompanied and controlled by experienced instructor.

For many firms that rent and sell the diving equipment intro-diving is not the secondary occupation, but one of the basic kinds of activities.

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