Dolphinarium Nemo
The capital dolphinarium Nemo is situated within a few steps from the metro station Ippodrom. It pleases its guests with vivid shows that are able to surprise children and adults alike. The water complex meets all regulations for housing of marine animals and is home to bottlenose dolphins, sea lions and fur seals. During their concerts, marine artists keep delighting audience with their talents:

Chaika • Kyiv
Chaika • Kyiv
The drop-zone Chaika is located on the premises of the namesake sports complex that is situated 10 kilometers away from Kyiv. Here one can make a tandem jump with instructor from the height of 4000 meters: 60 seconds of free-fall and 5-6 minutes of ‘flying under the wing.’ Chaika’s experts have also developed a training system that allows making solo jumps. There is an opportunity to order video f

Para-Skoof • Kyiv
Para-Skoof • Kyiv
The association Para-Skoof is situated on the airport Borodyanka’s premises (40 kilometers away from Kyiv) and organizes parachute jumps. The drop-zone offers an opportunity to make the first solo jump with round parachute from the height of 800 meters or the jump with tandem specialist from 4000 meters. In addition, there is a special training program. Para-Skoof also offers video filming and pho

Adventure Park Seiklar
The adventure park Seiklar is situated on the territory of the park “Partisanskoy Slavy” in Kyiv’s outskirts, near the subway station Boryspilska. It is the world of extreme adventures, where one can climb up a rope ladder, walk the tightrope or the swinging bridge over an abyss, try bungee jumping and descend a metal cable on a roller at the speed of up to 30 km/h. The park features six paths, in

QuadroQuest • Kyiv
QuadroQuest • Kyiv
The club QuadroQuest, situated near the subway station Druzhby Narodiv, organizes and carries out excursions on quad bikes along the Kyiv most picturesque sights. There is an opportunity to order a corporate event or to take part in a quest, the amateur sports-and-intellectual racing. In addition, you can rent quad bikes at QuadroQuest.

Bowling KosMix • Kyiv
Bowling KosMix
Bowling KosMix • Kyiv
The bowling club KosMix is located on the namesake entertainment center’s territory, which stands near the subway station Darnitsa. The club features playroom with 20 lanes, which can easily host over 100 people simultaneously. Instructor services are available. Tournaments and championships are always carried out in KosMix. You can follow up fascinating game with refreshing yourself in sushi-bar

Bowling Brooklyn
The bowling club Brooklyn is situated on the premises of the trade and entertainment center Metropolis standing within a few steps from the subway station Obolon. The club is equipped with ten lanes and all necessary bowling equipment. All kinds of tournaments: for children and for adults, for amateurs and for professionals are regularly organized here. Every Friday and Saturday Brooklyn hosts dis

Bowling Bolshevik
The bowling club Bolshevik is located on the namesake trade and entertainment center’s territory, not far from the subway station Shuliavska. 24 lanes and 24 fast pinsetters (machines that collect and set up bowling pins) are at guests’ disposal. Professional instructor helps novices to get feel of the game. Regular tournaments among novices and professionals are organized here. Additionally, the

Bowling Ultramarine
The bowling club Ultramarine is situated near the Kyiv’s main railway station and subway station Vokzalna. 18 professional lanes and 18 very fast pinsetters (machines that collect and set up bowling pins) are installed in the club. Professional instructor is at guests’ disposal. In addition, Ultramarine has three Russian billiards tables and two American billiards tables, as well as slot machines.
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