Roshen Fountain

The unique musical fountain Roshen that recently, in autumn 2011, appeared at the namesake sea boulevard in Vinnytsia has managed to become city's key symbol and to take the lead in the list of the country's major tourist objects. It is also in the top ten most spectacular fountains of our time. And there is no surprise in that, for it is the biggest floating musical fountain in Europe, by its characteristics similar to the world famous musical fountain in Dubai.

The Vinnytsia fountain is a truly amazing hydro-engineering structure that strikes with technical characteristics: its length is 97 meters, width - 10 meters, the height of the central jet - 63 meters, and dispersion of water is up to 140 meters. In addition, Roshen is the only fountain in the world that is installed not in the artificial, but in open water body - in the bed of the Southern Bug River. Another detail that makes Vinnytsia fountain unique, is the so-called "hibernating technology", which allows lowering the construction under the ice in winter.

The fountain is equipped with original laser system that allows displaying animated movies in 3D format on the giant water-and-air screen. The size of the projection screen, formed by splashes and mist sprays is impressive - 16 x 45 meters.

Figured jets of the Vinnytsia fountain perform a spectacular dance under the charming music by famous composers. And in the evening, the peculiar water dance is illuminated with 560 colorful underwater lights creating an inimitable in its beauty light and music water show. Tourists from all over Ukraine and from other countries come to Vinnytsia to see it.

The creators of this hydrotechnical structure constantly work on increasing the number of special effects, expanding the Vinnytsia fountain repertoire and making the show more spectacular and memorable.

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