21 Yanvarya St. 37
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: European
Capacity: 90

The restaurant Zeppelin is recognized as one of the best in Kherson. It is situated in the historic part of the town, which, at the same time, is the center of business and commercial life of Kherson.

There are predominantly dishes from European cuisine in the restaurant's menu. During Orthodox Lenten Zeppelin offers its guests Lenten menu with rich choice of main courses, cold dishes, snacks and desserts. Fitness-menu is specially developed for those, who has healthy life-style and watches over their health. At that, Zeppelin is one of the few restaurants that can boast with special vegetarian menu.

The facility consists of two lounges - for 60 and 30 seats respectively. At the day time background music sounds here, and in the evening - life music. Theme musical evenings (jazz, rock) are carried out.

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