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Sudak - Novyi Svit - Kurortnoye - Koktebel - Feodosiya

The South-Eastern coast of Crimea is an amazing corner of the peninsula famous for its wonderful climatic resorts, numerous natural sights, and primarily - for its ancient towns with millennial history and multitude of unique monuments.

It is convenient to start the acquaintance with the region from Sudak, where you can get from the Crimean capital - Simferopol - without problem. In fact, except for cozy beaches, there is just one sight in this town. But what for a sight! Devote at least half a day to the Genoese Fortress - one of the most grandiose fortification facilities of the medieval Crimea. Observe its 14 towers, visit the Consular Castle and the building of the mosque, feast your eyes upon azure coast from the observation ground of the fortress.

Then take a pleasure boat or a bus to Novyi Svit - the small resort settlement situated on the beach of the picturesque Green Bay not far from Sudak. When here, it's obligatory to visit the Botanical Natural Resort "Novyi Svit": stroll through the famous Golitsyn path and bath at the Royal beach, where Imperator Nikolai II liked to recreate.

Afterwards take a bus to the settlement Kurortnoye, where the fantastic natural creation - Kara Dag Natural Reserve- is located. You may visit dolphinarium, aquarium and small museum here. It is possible to stroll through Kara Dag itself - the ancient extinct volcano - only as part of excursion: there are pedestrian and sea routes.

And then head for another resort settlement - Koktebel, the favourite place of the bohemia representatives. There you may visit the House-Museum of poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin. If you are a fan of the extreme recreation, visit the Center of Gliding, where you will get a flight on balloon or hang-glider. And if you are not indifferent to music and your visit falls on September, be sure not to miss the international Koktebel Jazz Festival.

From there go to one of the oldest Crimean cities - Feodosiya and visit its unique museums without fail. In the first place, visit the I. Aivazovsky National Art Gallery, where the world's largest collection of canvases and paintings by the prominent marine painter is kept, and the Museum of local lore. And then make your way to see the historic and architectural monuments of Feodosiya: fragments of the Genoese Fortress, the Church of the St. Sergiy (Surb Sarkis), the mosque Mufti-Jami.

You may proceed with recreation on the wonderful beaches of Feodosiya, combining it with treatment with healing muds of the nearby lakes.

Novyi Svit
Kara Dag (Karadag Nature reserve)