Old Crimea • Crimea
Old Crimea
Old Crimea • Crimea
Sudak - Novyi Svit - Kurortnoye - Koktebel - Feodosiya The South-Eastern coast of Crimea is an amazing corner of the peninsula famous for its wonderful climatic resorts, numerous natural sights, and primarily - for its ancient towns with millennial history and multitude of unique monuments. It is convenient to start the acquaintance with the region from Sudak, where you can get from the Crimean ca

Alushta and the treasures of Chatyr-Dag
Alushta - Demerdzhi - Chatyr-Dag - Partenit Alushta is the resort center of Crimea with fine-pebbly beaches and a big number of health resorts, as well as multitude of natural sights in the neighborhood. You can reach Alushta, as any other corner of Crimea, through the main transportation gates of the peninsula - Simferopol. In the town itself it is worth seeing the Museum of Nature of the Crimean

Sevastopol - Bakhchysarai
Sevastopol - Bakhchysarai - Mangup Kale - Chufut Kale Sevastopol is one of the largest tourist and excursion centers and it surely has something to show to its guests. Therefore, if you come to Sevastopol in the morning, head for absorbing and informative stroll through the city. Start it by visiting the Museum of the Black Sea Navy, then walk to the oldest Nakhimov Square, where the monument to t

Gems of the SCC • Crimea
Gems of the SCC
Gems of the SCC • Crimea
Yalta - Livadia - Gaspra - Miskhor - Alupka - Foros - Ai-Petri - Massandra - Nikita - Gurzuf The Southern Coast of Crimea (SCC) is probably the most amazing part of the peninsula with picturesque rocks and stone cliffs, small gulfs with transparent waters, fabulous palaces and castles. The center of the SCC and the starting point for travelling through its marvelous areas is Yalta - one of the mos

Crimean Mosaic • Crimea
Crimean Mosaic
Crimean Mosaic • Crimea
Simferopol - Bakhchysarai - Sevastopol - Balaklava - Yalta - Sudak - Feodosiya The tour "Crimean Mosaic" is a trip through the main cities of the Crimean peninsula, which is called the "world in miniature". It is better to start the mini-tour through Crimea with Simferopol. Although the Crimean capital is inferior in its tourist popularity to the sea resorts, it is worth staying here at least for

Wild West (Yevpatoria - Tarkhankut)
Yevpatoria - Saky - Tarkhankut Calm and measured west of the Crimean peninsula is a significant contrast to the loud and crowded Southern Coast. There are no luxurious palaces and substantial natural treasures here, but then there are sandy beaches with shallow waters, a great number of mud cure clinics and the range of unique monuments of antiquity. It is better to start a mini-tour through the

Kerch: Treasure Peninsula
Mount Mithridat - Historical and Archeological Museum - Tsar's Burial Mound - History of the Defense of the Adzhimushkay Quarry Museum The Kerch peninsula is probably the only place in Crimea, where magnificent landscapes, azure sea and velvet beaches are not the key attractions. Kerch is Crimean peninsula's oldest town and its main treasures are original monuments of history and culture, gathered