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Donetsk - Soledar - Sviatohirsk

Despite its strict status of powerful industrial region, Donbas remains an attractive place for tourists. It is full of bright colors, amazing corners and original sights.

It is better to start discovering Donbas from Donetsk. In the first place, you should visit the stadium 'Donbas Arena' here. Even if you are not a football fan, be sure that this ultra-modern stadium, which hosted Euro-2012 matches, will inevitably strike your imagination with its cosmic forms, for which it is nicknamed a 'flying saucer', and with impressive functional features. Then, head for the only one in Ukraine Forged Figures Park, where over a hundred unique forged sculptures are gathered. Follow up your visit by resting in one of Donetsk's numerous parks - it is called the greenest industrial city in the world for a reason - and admiring the marvelous rosary that adorns the main city park.

After seeing Donetsk's key attractions (one day is enough for that), take a bus to Soledar, which is famous for its unique salt mines. Having went 300 meters down, discover wonderful underground world with its salt halls, galleries and ornate labyrinths. Play football on the salt field and use an opportunity to listen to symphonic orchestra in the underground concert hall with its excellent acoustics. And remember to breathe deeply: salt mine's unique microclimate has a therapeutic effect on the organism.

Take an electric train from Soledar to Sviatohirsk - a wonderful town, nicknamed 'Donetsk's Switzerland'. Don't fail to visit the natural park 'Holy Mountains' - admire luxurious vegetation and chalk mountains. And then, visit one of Ukraine's main shrines - the Sviatohirsk Lavra of the Holy Dormition, which majestically stands on the picturesque mountain. It is also worth taking a look at the huge monumental cubist sculpture - the Monument to the Soviet Revolutionary Artem - on the natural park's territory.

Wrap up your tour either by resting in one of Sviatohirsk's many health resorts, or returning to Donetsk and continuing to discover the eastern region.

Soledar (Salt-mine)