Spread on both banks of the Dnieper River, Zaporizhzhia is one of the largest regional centers of Ukraine – a remarkable industrial and cultural center, and an important river port. Known across the world as the Cossacks’ motherland, Zaporizhzhia con

Odesa is the third largest city and the biggest seaport in Ukraine; it is also the country’s most picturesque and multicultural city. Due to its unique charm, sunny climate, miles-long beaches, and azure sea, Odesa is often called a city straight out

Kherson is the large industrial and cultural center of southern Ukraine. It is an important seaport and the biggest river port of the country. It has a fantastic location, at the delta of the longest river in Ukraine, the Dnieper. Kherson is one of t

Mykolaiv is a city in southern Ukraine, nestled on a peninsula that is surrounded by the Southern Buh and Inhul rivers. During the times of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, it was an important port for the Black Sea fleet. Today, Mykolaiv is

Berdyansk, a southern city warmed by the sun and set amid azure waters, is called the gem of the Azov Sea. This resort, known for its beaches, climate, and healing mud, is among the most famous in the south of Ukraine, and its qualities make it an id