Jumping from "monastic" rock


Kachi-Kalion is the Christian cave monastery that was created in the rocks near Bakhchysarai in the 6th century and existed till the 18th century. Now it is a part of the historical and cultural preserve in Crimea... But let's leave the details of this interesting story to the history buffs.

Let's talk about the present. Nowadays Kachi-Kalion, along with many other special places of Crimea, became the place of pilgrimage for extreme lovers. And here they also jump with safety ropes.

Jumping from the rock at Kachi-Kalion is considered to be the prerogative of the boys and girls with really steel nerves (or with total lack of mind, ha-ha). Here the height of the rock is over 120 meters above the ground! At that, the free flight is over 60 meters! Now, can the jumping from bridges and even from multistory buildings really compete with this?

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