On cross-country vehicle through historic places


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Quadrocycle combined the best qualities of automobile and motorcycle, but got rid of the limitations of both progenitors. As opposed to the motorcycle it is much more stable, as opposed to the automobile - much more maneuverable. Combined with simple, even primitive control, it makes quadrocycle probably the best transportation option for the Crimean "off-roads" - hilly and covered with wild forests.

And it is quite natural that in Crimea the quadrocycles have excursion and tourist application. Thus, it is possible to go from Sevastopol deep into the heart of the Crimean peninsula practically at any season on the 15 different (!) routes. They lead tourists along both, wonderful natural objects and eminent historical place - mainly along the places of the combat and partisan glory in the outskirts of Sevastopol. There are cave monasteries, mountains and passes, waterfalls, etc. on the way of the tourists.

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