National Theater of Russian Drama

Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St. 5

In the very center of Kyiv, within a few steps of Kreshchatik Street and not far from the Golden Gates, shelters the well-known Theater of Russian Drama, which was founded in 1891 and is considered to be the first stationary theater of the Ukrainian capital.

The theater quickly won love and respect of the audience, mainly due to striking and original individuals in its creative team. Their unique and peculiar performances attracted not only professionals, but also mere connoisseurs of theatrical art from hundreds of towns in the CIS, where guest performances of the theater took place.

The salt of the repertoire of the theater is considered to be the performances on plays "The Living Corpse" by L. Tolstoy, "The Stone Lord" by L. Ukrainka, and, of course, the favourite of the fifteen theater seasons - the O. Wilde's comedy "The Importance of Being Earnest" with the whole constellation of actors' names.

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