Volyn Music Drama Theater

Teatralnaya Square, 2

Box office hours: from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Capacity: 781

The Volyn Theater that this year opened the 75th season already is considered to be exemplary on the territory of the Western Ukraine. The team was formed on the basis of two wonderful troupes and absorbed the best, most original and peculiar. Now the basis of the histrionic team is experienced masters, who know their business, at the same time the theater is being renewed and invites young talents in its team.

The performances of the theater are always good taken both by mere spectators and by critics not only in Lutsk, but on the guest performances in Ukraine and abroad as well. The Volyn theatric troupe is the participant and the prize-winner of many international festivals.

Now you may see such performances as "The Trees Die Standing" (Los árboles mueren de pie) by A. Casona, "The Threepenny Opera" by B. Brecht, "Caligula" by A. Camus and the number of performances on the motifs of Ukrainian authors on the stage of the theater.

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