Angel’s Diary. Author’s dolls, painting

Until January 15, the exhibition Angel’s Diary, including exposition of author’s dolls and collection of pictorial works by artist Leonid Bernat, is held in the Parusina Gallery.

The annual Christmas and New Year’s exhibition gathered several dozens of angels from textile and bronze, ceramics and china, wood and papier-mâché in Parusina. Exposition’s adornment is the work by Galina Dyugovskaya Road to Heaven – high textile sculpture that reproduces traditional Slavic motifs.

Gallery’s walls are covered with paintings by Leonid Bernat, a strange, sensitive, witty, utterly imaginative artist. He creates the world that is much better than the real one. “I wanted to tell an old everlasting story as simple and ingenuous as a kid who has heard the Gospel would do it, to show the world that is light even at night, the world, where everything is combined – kind animals and strict angels,” Leonid Bernat mentions.

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