Velikoye i Velichestvennoye

Lavrskaya St. 10-12

From July 26 to September 22, the project “Velikoye i Velichestvennoye” (“Great and Majestic”) will be introduced in the museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” within the framework of the celebration of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. A thousand of exemplary works from collections of country’s 35 leading museums will be presented there. The project will demonstrate the civilizing influence of Christianity on the development of Ukraine’s culture.

Project’s exposition “Velikoye i Velichestvennoye” introduces vivid pages of Ukrainian art from the early times to nowadays. The exhibition covers a five-thousand-year-long period of history from ancient civilizations of the Paleolithic period, Trypillya, antique cities of the Northern Black Sea region through Old Russian, baroque and classical art to the modernism and post-modernism.

The exposition will demonstrate how artistic traditions of the East and West harmonically adapted to the local cultural ground and gave birth to the unique artistic phenomena of the world importance.

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