Agroforum 2012

International Exhibition Center, Brovarsky avenue, 15 (subway station "Levoberezhnaya")

Working hours: November 6 - 9, 2012

The international agro-industrial exhibition "Agroforum" is carried out since 2004. Its main goal is to facilitate the development of the market relations in the agro-industrial complex (AIC) of Ukraine and the further integration of the Ukrainian AIC to the international market structures, to provide the adequate market infrastructure, to attract internal and external investments in the economy of the country, and to examine the innovative technologies that provide with green foodstuff.

Considering the importance of the issues in question, agro-exhibition attracts the great number of visitors. The majority of them are specialists in agriculture, agronomists, veterinarians, animal technologists, mechanization experts in agriculture, producers of agricultural products, collective and farm enterprises, ventures and organizations engaged in food, processing and other industries of Ukrainian economy.

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