Yurij Vakulenko. "Contemplation. Febuary 30"

(044) 490-58-58
Kyiv Fine Art Gallery, Kiev, Darvina St. 5

Working hours: Febuary 29 - April 30

The personal exhibition of artist Yurij Vakulenko includes works from last years, combined in the cycle "Contemplation", and his recent project "Vibration. Quadrum x 6".

Cycle "Contemplation" consists of canvases of different genres and themes, among which there are landscapes painted under the impression of travel to Venice, as well as animalistic and fairy-tale works.

The works by Vakulenko are kind and harmonic. Sometimes they are naive, sometimes - very sage and inexhaustible in their senses. Four elements - air, water, land and fire - exist not just in harmony on the artist's canvases, but build up a divinely integrated, light and solid space. It is inhibited with kind animals and birds, contemplators and creators, who admire and dream, soar and vibrate.

The project "Vibration. Quadrum x 6" seems to be unexpected zigzag turned to strict suprematism, sharp geometrical lines, mathematical exactness and black-and-white solidity of color. The artist experiments and, using 3-D extension, shows another reality of visual content.

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