Nick Veasey. Photography

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Gallery Brucie Collections, Kiev, Artema St. 55-B

Working hours: March 28 - May 15

British photographer Nick Veasey calls himself inveterate experimenter and rule-breaker - using X-ray unit in place of traditional photo camera, he creates an amazing picture that offers spectator to think about what is beneath the surface. X-ray unit is commonly associated with medicine, security systems, scientific researches. For Veasey it is an instrument for creating artistic images.

Nick Veasey started his career in advertisement and design, making conventional photos. But once he had to do an x-ray photo of cola can for TV show. Having made a shot of his footwear at the same time, Veasey was shocked with received effect. This became a crucial point of his life. As a result he devoted more than twenty years to the experimental shooting of "what is inside", choosing such unusual objects as real brick house or drop of water.

Nick admits that he is not the first to use x-rays in art, but his shots are considered to be ones of the most impressive.

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