Peter Lebedinets. Allegory

(044) 234-14-27
Gallery "Mystetska zbirka", Kiev, Tereshchenkovskaya St. 13

Working hours: March 7-25

This is a unique cycle of pictures that grant dreamy mood and immerse spectator in magical world of Woman, create atmosphere of ease, freshness and femininity. The author divulges the essence of Woman-Goddess on the canvases of the "Allegory" series.

"The idea of this series came to me long ago. But I managed to bring it to life just now, while in order to paint a woman, you have to understand her. Each work has its individual plastic and color decision. This series of works is very intimate to me," - explains the author.

"The "Allegory" series is unique, while the number of works is limited to 12 pictures. I believe that these pictures are attractive for investment, for the artist won't come back to this cycle after its creation," says gallery's director Maxim Voloshin describing the exhibition.

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