Scorpions - The Final Sting Tour in Kyiv

Sportyvna square, 1

We used to copy their records, learned their songs' lyrics by heart, danced at school discos to their music, kissed and made declarations of love... But nothing is permanent and it's time to say goodbye. Exactly 45 years after its creation, the leaders of the most successful German rock-band of all times - SCORPIONS - Klaus MEINE, Rudolf SCHENKER and Matthias JABS decided to sum up their impressive history and announced farewell world tour. Within the tour the band is going to perform the most spectacular show in its history, which they were preparing for several years!

The first part of the 'STING IN THE TAIL' farewell tour caused a great response among Ukrainian audience and a fuss in media. That is why SCORPIONS decided to include Ukraine in their 2012 tour itinerary. The second part of the farewell tour was called 'THE FINAL STING' and its program consists solely of superhits.

Original live show that doesn't repeat any previous SCORPIONS' concerts awaits all the visitors. To assure that the final chord remains in spectators' memory forever, it was decided to increase show time and to include the most time-proved hits in the setlist. The variety of special effects strikes even the most experienced music fan's imagination. The fact that each song is accompanied with special set of pyrotechnical means, which totally number 262 installations, is worth a lot.

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