Kaas Sings Piaf

On December 9, 2012, Patricia Kaas will introduce her new album and concert program called 'Kaas chante Piaf' (Kaas Sings Piaf) on the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine.

Patricia Kaas is the world variety star, owner of World Music Awards, the best voice in France, 'Mademoiselle who sings blues' and just pretty, charming, strong and at the same time fragile woman. She has thousands of concerts, 18 million discs, sold worldwide, huge number of admirers, who applauded her all over the world, behind her.

An important part of Patricia Kaas's success formula is guest performances. The singer is virtually always on foreign tours. Her concerts are always longed for, because they offer live sound, the best illumination, show-ballet, amazing scenery, and highly professional show.

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