'Image of Equilibrium'. Painting

Vadima Getmana St. 6

The modern art exhibition 'Image of Equilibrium' opens in J. Greter Art Center and makes think about the everlasting topic - faith. The pictures by Ukraine's three prominent painters - Ilya Prunenko, Marina Shkarupa and Anastasia Karayneva - are exhibited for the first time in the exposition.

Peculiar artist Ilya Prunenko presents 'Feeling of Christianity' series prepared within 'Residence' project's framework. Researching the topic of faith and global balance of all things in his intrinsic manner, he fills his canvases with philosophical speculations about conventional plots.

Marina Shkarupa's series of works 'Lost People' features search of personality. A dialog between faith and lack of faith opens in front of visitors.

Anastasia Karayneva implements her personal perception of nature and unique state of harmony in her works. Her pictures are amazingly delicate and feminine, color's harmony wins imagination and comes home to it.

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