Situated on Crimea's west, the Tarkhankutsky peninsula is a fabulously beautiful place, whose main treasure is primeval virgin nature. It is Crimea's least populated part, and therefore, generally secluded and calm recreation's connoisseurs, who are sick of overcrowded and loud southern coast of Crimea, come here.

The whole Tarkhankutsky peninsula's coast is the natural monument. And for a reason: any other Crimea's part doesn't have such unique, amazingly beautiful sceneries. Peculiar rocks and capes jutting out in the sea, picturesque bays, cut with through tunnels, and fantastic islands, mysterious ravines and caves, wild vegetation and warm sandy beaches - Her Majesty the Nature gathered all this on the small peninsula's territory, turning it into true magnet for travelers from all over the world.

Besides inconvincible number of natural treasures, Tarkhankut preserved numerous interesting archeological sites. Here one can see barrows from different ages, antique settlements' ruins and small medieval fortress towns' fragments. The most remarkable among them is the remnants of ancient Greek polis Kalos Limen that existed from the 4th century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. Today the namesake historical and archeological reserve stands on its territory. It consists of the Museum of Local Lore and the site of ancient settlement. The majority of museum's exhibits were found during ancient settlement's excavations. The unique collection of amphorae, utensils, women's decorations is of special value. Remnants of ancient Greek fortress and central city gates stand on the site.

One of Tarkhankutsky peninsula's most picturesque places is the Dzhangulskoye Landslide Coast located near Olenevka village. Stairs, created by landslides, stretch along the high steep, under which the azure sea splashes. And landslide remnants, covered with ivy, soar over this stairs, as if fantastic figures.

West Crimea's gem - the Trakhankut Cape - is not far from here. It's considered to be an ideal place for diving: crystal clean water, which becomes very warm in summer, motley water plants, and very rich fauna. Cape's main attraction is the old lighthouse, built in 1816.

One more Tarkhankutsky peninsula's natural fairy-tale is protected Atlesh ravine, which consists of two miraculous natural monuments - steep capes Large and Small Atlesh. The Large Atlesh is a 40-meter high stone arch standing in the sea. It was created as result of erosion and sea surf ablation. The same natural forces created here cozy picturesque creeks with transparent water, huge grottos, and underwater caves.

The Small Atlesh is a long cape, in which the waves made a huge almost 100-meter long tunnel, along with hundreds of stone overhangs and niches. Crimea's lowest cave is situated not far from tunnel's entrance. Its entrance is 10 meters below the sea level, and its length is 150 meters.

The Tarkhankutsky peninsula is a wonderful place for affordable family, young people's and children's recreation, as well as for diving and windsurfing.

Getting here. You may reach the Tarkhankutsky peninsula from Simferopol or Yevpatoria by route bus or taxi. You have to go to one of the nearby villages: Olenevka, Chernomorskoye, Maryino.

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