Galych Credit Fund (Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts)

Svobody Ave. 15

The elegant building of the Galych Fund, topped by cupola with a spire, is rightfully called one of the most beautiful architectural monuments that adorn Lviv’s downtown. It was raised on the main city avenue in the late 19th century. The Galych Credit Fund was built after a project of the famous Polish architect whose works formed Lviv architectural appearance in the late 19th – early 20th century.

Adorned with original sculptures, majolica reliefs and open-worked forged gratings, the house stood out thanks to unusual, for those times, texture and color of materials. And its cupola drew attention with located at its base, allegoric sculptural composition, symbolizing region’s prosperity. Looking carefully, one could notice a figure, reminiscent of the well-known Statue of Liberty, there. Galych Credit Fund’s interiors charmed with their luxurious design as well: they were decorated with panels of colored stone and stained glass windows.

During the last centuries, these interiors house an impressive exposition of the Lviv Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts, which is one of the largest and oldest profile museums not only in Ukraine, but in the whole Eastern Europe as well. Based on the nationalized collections of Lviv’s public and private museums, its collection is a true treasury of works of Ukrainian folk art, as well as of European decorative and applied arts.

Museum’s exposition is divided in two parts: ethnography and arts crafts. The first one is devoted to the items of Ukrainian people’s life in the 16th – 20th centuries, while the second one features amazing works by local artists. Lviv museum’s collection of clocks and watches, numbering about 400 items, is of particular interest. It has very unusual samples: from sundials to mechanical watches, made in different European countries and representing different eras and styles. This collection is the largest and the most valuable one in Ukraine.

In addition, the Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts exhibits other amusing and unique (in their own way) items: for example, the piano that comes from the 18th century, exclusive English dishes, bed, made by Tula Arms Factory for the Empress Catherine II, amazing pieces of furniture in Empire style, and more.

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