Belaya Guardia

Eroshenko St. 20
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: European
Average cheque: 850 руб
Working hours: from 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The restaurant “Belaya Guardia” is a part of the hotel “Dolphin” complex that is located not far from National Reserve “Tauric Chersonesos”. Since the moment it was opened, the restaurant has already won the status of one of the best restaurants in the town, thank to its original concept, first-class cuisine and experiences personnel.

There is a huge choice of classical European dishes and a vast fish menu in “Belaya Guardia”. There is a big cocktail and wine list with rich choice of Crimean vintage wines.

A spacious lounge with white piano is stylized in the spirit of the early 20th century: stylish furniture, forged candlesticks, portraits of the Imperator’s family and coats of arms of the Russian Empire.

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