Pub & coffeе-bar "Fabr"

Karla Marksa Ave. 41
Type of facility: Pub, Café
Cuisine: European
Working hours: from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Pub & coffeе-bar Fabr is situated in the basement of the house dated to the 19th century. One of Dnipropetrovsk’s governors used to live there, and it was after him that the facility was named. Bar’s interior and atmosphere render the spirit of those times as precisely as possible.

During the day, Fabr is a cozy coffee house, where one can have a dinner and drink a cup of fragrant coffee in pleasant atmosphere. It serves classical European and international dishes. Its special offer is very tender self-made pastry.

In the evening, the facility turns into a loud pub, where large companies meet in order to taste beer, whose assortment and excellent taste were developed by one of the best-known Ukrainian brewers.

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