Trinity Cathedral • Dnipro
Trinity Cathedral
Trinity Cathedral • Dnipro
The Holy Trinity Cathedral, towering above the city center, is the main Orthodox temple in Dnipropetrovsk. Its majestic light building, crowned with green cupolas, is reckoned among the city most valuable historical and architectural monuments. In 1837, the cathedral was laid on the place of the city first wooden church that was built in the late 18th century and then fell into decay. Temple’s pro

Diorama 'Battle of the Dnieper'
Opened in Dnipropetrovsk on the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Diorama ‘Battle of the Dnieper’ is the largest diorama in the country and one of the largest in the world. It is the key element of astonishing memorial complex, devoted to Dnieper’s forced crossing and city’s liberation from the fascist invaders, that is situated in the city very heart. The Battle of t

Kodak Fortress Ruins
The Kodak Fortress is an ancient Polish citadel, whose remnants are situated in a picturesque place on the high bank of the Dnieper River, in the village Stari Kodaky near Dnipropetrovsk. Built on the order of the Polish King Wladislaw IV in order to control Zaporizhzhian Cossacks, it passed into history thanks to its short, but vivid and unconventional life. Fortress’ construction started near th

Dnipropetrovsk Quay
The Dnipropetrovsk Quay, stretching along the right bank of the Ukraine’s main water artery for almost 30 kilometers, is considered to be the longest one in the country and in the whole Europe. It is one of the most well-known and frequently visited places in the city, Dnipropetrovsk’s trademark and locals’ pride. The beautified street with boulevards in the center appeared at the Dnieper River re

Potemkin Palace • Dnipro
Potemkin Palace
Potemkin Palace • Dnipro
One of the most beautiful city parks hides the Potemkin Palace, the Dnipropetrovsk oldest stone construction, in the shadow of its trees. The building has lost its original appearance, but is still reckoned among the most important historical and architectural city sights. Over its history, the palace underwent numerous destructions, its owners changed dozen times and it was raised from ruin sever

Shevchenko Park • Dnipro
Shevchenko Park
Shevchenko Park • Dnipro
The Shevchenko Park is the oldest and one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Recognized as a monument of landscape art, it has long become the favorite strolling and recreation place for Dnipropetrovsk locals and guests, who are attracted by rich vegetation and an opportunity to admire amazing views of the mighty Dnieper River from park’s observation areas. The story of the modern Shevchenko

The House of Organ and Chamber Music
The House of Organ and Chamber Music is reckoned among Dnipropetrovsk’s brightest sights for a reason: it is located in the former St. Nikolas Cathedral’s building, which is considered to be one the most beautiful and original constructions in the city. It has an honorable status of the 20th century’s architectural monument and stands in the list of cultural heritage sites of national importance.

Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Monastyrsky Island
Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Enfolding its main hill in crescentic embrace, the legendary Monastyrsky Island is Dnipropetrovsk's urban nucleus and undoubtedly most mysterious and romantic sight. The island is part of Dnipropetrovsk's largest park complex - Shevchenko Park - and is the favourite relaxing place for locals and an interesting tourist sight for city's guests. The Monastyrsky Island's history is uncertain, and ther

The Transfiguration Cathedral
Situated at the town's historical center, the majestic, striking with its strict beauty Transfiguration Cathedral is Dnipropetrovsk's symbol and belongs to Ukraine's prominent cultic buildings. This magnificent temple is the brightest architectural monument in classicism style and remains Dnipropetrovsk's true adornment for almost two centuries already. The first stone in the Cathedral's foundatio
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