Yuzovskaya Pivovarnya (Yuzov's Brewery)

Artema St. 129-b

The beer restaurant 'Yuzovskaya Pivovarnya' is one of Donetsk's largest restaurants. It is famous for its exclusive live beer: you may see the beer brewing process here and immediately taste it.

The restaurant offers six beer varieties: 'Pilsner' - light lager, 'Porter' - dark beer, 'Amber' - amber beer, 'Golden El' - Belgian style beer, 'Stout' - English style beer and 'Weissbier' - wheat beer. There is also a vast choice of snacks and dishes from European cuisine.

'Yuzovskaya Pivovarnya' is a perfect place for loud party with friends or family evening. Restaurant's three stories and three-layer summer terrace can accommodate up to 700 people.

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