Très Français

Kostelnaya St. 3
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: European
Average cheque: 100 uah.
Working hours: from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Capacity: 80

Situated on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, at the beginning of the Kostelnaya Street, the restaurant Très Français (French for 'very French') embodies its name surprisingly precisely: exquisite interior, mores, spirit, traditions and little rituals typical for France.

On the first floor you will find the room 'Montmartre' with picturesque vinous decor and the bar paneled with wood. The room 'Jardin', braided with verdure and elegant forged fence, is located near it and the room 'Library' is somewhat deeper. The 'Art Hall', reminiscent of the concealed urban attic, is situated on the second floor.

French cuisine - the queen of the European gastronomy - is at the menu's heart. The culinary range will surprise and amaze even the most demanding gourmet: foie gras made after ancient French recipe, light salads with goat cheese, seafood, cedar nuts, mix-salad in charming 'rustic' bowls, classical onion soup and fragrant duck fillet with candied oranges and more.

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