Masonska Lozha

Rynok Sq. 14
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
Average cheque: 170 uah.
Working hours: from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Capacity: 80

The restaurant Masonska Lozha is located in Lviv’s very center on the Rynok Square and is a part of the network ‘!Fest’ that consists of conceptual author’s restaurants. It positions itself the most expensive facility in Western Ukraine.

Restaurant menu’s heart is European and Ukrainian cuisine. Appetizing first courses, cold and hot snacks, and desserts, which guests always eat in white gloves, are offered here.

The concept of the restaurant Masonska Lozha is to open the world of freemasonry to the chosen ones. Facility’s walls shimmer with varied Masonic signs: compasses, hammers, pyramids, triangles with all-seeing eye and other attributes of the brotherhood of Freemasons.

Important advice: you should take everything that is given at the entrance: either crumpled piece of paper or neatly folded cardboard triangle. These gifts will acquire meaning, when you get your bill: waiter will expunge all the ‘redundant zeros’ in the gift bearer’s bill.

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Ratings: 269


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