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The first four days dedicate to the itinerary of the tour ‘Kyiv in 4 Days’.

The first half of the fifth day devote to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo. It’s worth going to see all six plots of land, each of which reflects the folk architecture and life in different regions in Ukraine. Then, rejuvenate in authentic Ukrainian tavern or picnic, tasting national cuisine! Be ready to spend at least half a day in Pirigovo.

During second half, visit Expoсenter of Ukraine (ENEA), one of the largest exhibition centers in the country. Glance at its monumental buildings – a vivid embodiment of the Soviet gala architecture – have a promenade trough the park, and after that, visit some exhibitions, that constantly host there. The rest of the day, you can devote to numerous activities: the Expocenter’s neighborhoods feature several bowling and paintball clubs, carting centers, ice-skating facilities and hippodrome.

The next day, head for the National Botanical Garden, reckoned among the largest botanical gardens in Europe, judging by its territory's size and plants' variety. Admire marvelous landscapes, lilac garden (it’s more convenient to visit it in spring, when the lilacs are in bloom), and the Greenhouse complex, which presents exotic tropical and subtropical plants.

Set out from the Botanical Garden walking to the one of the oldest convents in Kyiv, Vydubitsky Monastery. Pop your head into the yard, and set your sight on ancient buildings, that have the status of significant historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine. After that, head towards mysterious Askold Grave, located on the park territory.

Afterwards, it’s convenient to go to Hydropark, either by foot crossing Metro bridge or by metro until the same name station. In first turn, have a look inside the Park “Kyiv in Miniature”. Admire diminutive models of the most emblematic sights of the ancient Kyiv, then, if season allows, spend the rest of the day at one of the Hydropark beaches. Take advantage of water attractions, play football or volleyball, then have a snack at numerous cafes or restaurants located in the park. It also features several discotheques and night clubs, where you can enjoy the end of the evening.

The last day devote to the Kyiv’s outskirts: visit the ancient Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, designated national historical-ethnographical reserve, or Kaniv, where the prominent Ukrainian poet and artist, Taras Shevchenko’s grave situated. Otherwise, you can dedicate your day walking though the numerous Kyiv’s parks and visiting curious exhibitions in capital’s museums and galleries.

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo
Expoсenter of Ukraine (ENEA)
National Botanical Garden
Vydubitsky Monastery
Askold Grave
Park Hydropark
Park "Kyiv in Miniature"