Lviv in Four Days Show on map

Dedicate the first two days to the itinerary of the tour ‘Lviv in Two Days’.

For the third day, arrange seeing Lviv’s two most impressive museums: the historical and architectural reserve Lychakiv Cemetry and the museum of folk architecture and life ‘Shevchenko Grove.’ Spend the first half of your day in one of the oldest and most beautiful European necropolises, the Lychakiv Cemetry. It is rightfully called an outdoor museum, on whose territory you will find more than 3 000 gravestones, monuments, and vaults, each of which is a true work of art. The necropolis is arranged as a park area, where it is better to walk, having joined a special guided tour.

Devote the rest of the day to the ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life 'Shevchenko Grove' – one of the best places in the region, where one can feel the true Ukrainian ethnic flavor. Here you will see amazing samples of folk architecture, brought about from the various corners of the Western Ukraine. Then, simply relax outdoors, for local atmosphere is favorable not only for admiring folk architecture, but also for a small picnic.

The next day, head for Lviv’s outskirts, where striking medieval castles hide in small towns. Start your tour with visiting the culture preserve Olesko Castle, which is the oldest defensive construction in the Western Ukraine and one of the most famous castles that were restored from ruins. Don’t miss an opportunity to go inside in order to admire gorgeous interiors and see the exposition of the museum, located here. It features unique works of art, dated to 13th – 19th centuries. Afterwards, stroll through adjoined park with rare trees and ancient sculptures.

Then, proceed to the Pidhirtsi Castle, which used to be one of the best castle complexes in Europe. Look around the luxurious Renaissance palace, surrounded by fortification facilities, and then, walk along the 300-meter long linden lane to the neighboring baroque Catholic Church, dated to the 18th century. Considering that it is impossible to get inside the castle, because its interiors are still under restoration, make a promenade through the very beautiful park, surrounding the complex.

Afterwards, head for the neighboring small town Zolochiv, where the namesake castle – one of the most beautiful and most majestic defensive facilities in the Western Ukraine – is situated. Admire two amazing buildings that are parts of the castle complex: the Large and the Chinese Palaces. Then, don’t fail to go inside in order to see very interesting expositions, telling castle’s tough story, and original interiors, medieval furniture and pictures, which are antique copies of the canvases by famous European artists.

Lychakiv Cemetery
Shevchenko Grove
The Olesko Castle
Pidhirtsi Castle
Zolochiv Castle