Crimea Russian Drama Theater

Pushkina St. 15

Crimea theater of Simferopol is the oldest theater on the peninsula, and its main building is the monument of architecture and culture. The building was designed by O.M. Beketov in the Neoclassicism style with elements of art nouveau. The facade is richly decorated with statues and bas-reliefs of Ancient Greek patrons of theatrical art - the God Apollo and muse Melpomene. The interior of the theater is as good as its exterior, it is also generously decorated with moulding and painting.

The creative team of the theater was always distinguished by originality, but it never forgot traditions as well. Therefore, the performances of the theater successfully combine cautious attitude to the author's word with modern scenic stylistics.

There are plays by W. Shakespeare, F. Schiller, Lope de Vega, K. Goldoni, E. Skrib, Guy de Maupassant in the repertoire of the theater. And there is, of course, Russian Classic - "Masquerade" by M. Lermontov, "Funny Stories" by A. Chekhov, "The Inspector General" by N. Gogol, "The Wife of the chief of the city police" by M. Gorky, "The Woe from Wit" by A. Griboyedov.

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