Genoese Helmet

Genoese Fortress Museum's territory

Price: 35-50 UAH

Genoese Helmet is an international knightly festival that annually takes place on the territory of the famous Sudak's Fortress. Currently it's the most mass event in Ukraine: yearly the festival gathers from 300 to 850 knights from Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia and Hungary.

Genoese Helmet rightly reckons among five best knightly festivals in the CIS and Eastern Europe and is advantageously distinguished by vivid bugurtas (mass fights), where there is more improvisation and passion than in staged events at other knightly festivals.

The guests will see a colorful show: opening parade, mass knightly battles, tournaments to the glory of charming ladies, shootings with arbalest, cannons, culverins and trebuchets, dancers' performances and troubadours' songs, demonstration of medieval artillery, costumes and armours contest.

In August 2013, the festival will be carried out in three stages: from 2d to 4th, from 9th to 11th, from 16th to 18th, from 23th to 25th.

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