Angels and Cabbage. Evgenia Gapchinska's Exhibition

Mikhailovskaya St. 16

New personal exhibition of Evgenia Gapchinska’s works Angels and Cabbage was opened in the Kyiv GAPCHINSKA Gallery, on December 19.

Without false modesty, the painter calls her gallery ‘the provider of happiness №1.’ Evgenia Gapchinska provides happiness for viewers through amazing, incredibly charismatic characters. Little pretty men on Gapchinska’s canvases engage in very prosaic actions: eat bread, skip over the rope, sleep. However, whatever they do, they always fascinate and charm.

The painter comments her new exhibition as follows: “I grew up in the vegetable garden. As a child I was always attracted to playing with soil. I liked how it smelled, liked holding it in my hands, feeling it. Since early childhood, I admire the miracle of a sprouting seed. It is the magic of transformation that thrills my whole essence. Perfection, divine beauty is the source of my inspiration. Combination of the things created by the God and human work. Earth, wisdom, eternity, beauty and love are the main principles of my life, my foundation, my faith!”

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