Martin Stranka. Photography

Artema St. 55-B

From January 17 to March 3, the exhibition of the young Czech photographer Martin Stranka will take place in the Brucie Collections Gallery.

Martin Stranka is a professional photographer from Prague who has learned this profession on his own. Despite his young age, he has already managed to win the recognition of viewers and critics. In two last years alone, Martin gained over 30 highest international photography awards, including Professional Photographer of the Year and Emerging Talent Award on the international contest Nikon.

Martin Stranka creates very unusual works. They embrace dreams and awakening, interplay between light and darkness, dust and even parallel worlds.

His photographs were exhibited in Getty Images Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and Robert Fontaine Gallery on par with works by such masters as Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, Banksy and Damien Hirst. The photographer made works for Hilton Hotel chain, Harper Collins publishing house, Lauren Oliver and many others. Martin Stranka’s photos can be seen on covers of books and musical discs all over the world.

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