Festival 'Kyivan Rus in the 13th-15th centuries'

village Kopachev

In May, one of the most grandiose cultural and historical festivals in Ukraine and in the whole Eastern Europe – Kyivan Rus in the 13th - 15th Centuries – will take place in the Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus.’ It’ll allow to feel Old Kyiv’s stir of life and to plunge into magical world of medieval entertainments and amusements.

Event’s program includes accurate historical reenactment of 13th – 14th centuries’ lifestyle, spectacular theatrical performances, unrivaled stuntmen’s tricks, archery tournaments. The key performance is mass fights between Rus residents and Mongols on the Big Stadium. More than 500 best fighters from historical reenactment clubs from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, France and other countries will present a mass reenactment of 13th –14th centuries’ wars with maximal reproduction of events and military culture of those times.

In addition, the festival gives an opportunity to taste medieval dishes and drinks, attend master classes in folk art, ride horses and shoot a bow in medieval shooting range.

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