Celestials. Exhibition of Chinese Classical Painting

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The Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Arts Museum, Kiev, Tereshchenkovskaya St. 15-17

Working hours: Febuary - May 10

The Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Arts Museum continues to introduce objects of the biggest and the most valuable domestic collection of Chinese classical art to the public. This year the theme of the exhibition is an amazing world of Immortals, where gods and fairies feast in divine palaces and among wild mountains, the dragons fly and Saints of different religions travel around the Earth.

Selected pictorial scrolls, sculptures and samples of decorative and applied art demonstrate the uniqueness of Chinese artistic tradition. There are works of prominent Chinese artists, such as Lan Kai, Tan In, Zhu Da, among the exhibition's rarities. Compositions combine author's extraordinary artistic skills and deep symbolism of blessing.

The guests of the exhibition may familiarize themselves in detail with numerous symbols, images and believes that were embodied in the artworks of 17th - early 20th century. The exhibition "Celestials" offers to see and experience real in fantastic, human in divine in a way that the artists of Chinese traditional art perceived it.

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