Station. Andrej Bludov. Painting

(044) 279-53-53
Bottega Gallery, Kiev, Mikhailovskaya St. 22-B

Working hours: March 22 - April 10

In the series of pictorial landscapes "Station" reality and fiction, dream and illusion are interweaved in a miraculous way and are reflected through esthetics of railway traffic. Through pulled out shot - like in cinema or photography - a moment urges on comprehension of what is behind the depicted image.

These are pictorial canvases, created on shifting of semantic and visual data, of varied layers that grew together in a single emotional state of concentrated image of sadness and loneliness. It is here that slow and sad conversations flow, along with knocking wheels and grinding sound of brake blocks, "conditional" actions, in which surrealistic motives and existential feelings can be traced.

Gloomy stations and carriages, crossing tracks and empty platforms recall phantom feelings and memories about meetings and partings. The atmosphere of emptiness and detachment of the surroundings is underlined with fragmentary images, mysterious inscriptions, signs and pictograms of railway visual communication that tell nothing.

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