Verity. Kindness. Patience

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Art-Gallery Daiami Morales, Kiev, Petlury St. 22

Working hours: March 16-25

Reproductions of seven artists from the USA, Canada, Japan and Taiwan - in total 28 works - are included in the exposition of the exhibition. The majority of original pictures are painted in oils on canvas in traditional realism style, several works are painted in Indian ink on silk and paper in traditional Chinese style.

The plots of the pictures indicate the search for true purpose of human life, the sources of good and evil. Depending on artist's inner state, painting is filled with strength that can awake good or evil side of the person. Therefore, inner content of the pictures is appeal, impulse to mercy, patience, aspiration to beauty of human soul that makes these works an imperishable valuable.

In some period of their lives the artists familiarized themselves with Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) - an ancient system of moral and physical improvement. Following Falun Dafa, they improved their physical and spiritual state, and it helped them to broaden their perception of the surrounding world and to find an answer to the centuries-old question about higher mission of life and art.

Authors of these works were united by one common idea - to show through art how beautiful the life is, if you follow its high ideals - Verity, Kindness and Patience.

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