The Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites' Order
The Monastery-Fortress of Barefoot Carmelites' Order is not just, striking with its majesty, cult building of Berdychiv, but also the core, around which the spiral of the rich history of the town winds. It was founded in 1634 by Polish magnate Janusz Tyszkiewicz, the then owner of Berdychiv, who passed his estate palace with nearby settlements in hands of monks of the Carmelites' Order and allocat

The St. Barbara's Church • Berdychiv (404 km.)
The St. Barbara's Church
The St. Barbara's Church • Berdychiv (404 km.)
The charming light-pink building of the St. Barbara's Church that has a status of the national architectural monument is one of the most recognizable symbols of Berdychiv. Having got Berdychiv as a dowry, the daughter of the wealthy Polish-Lithuanian magnate Barbara founded the first wooden temple on this place in 1759. She named the cathedral after her divine patroness great martyr Barbara. In th
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