The Castle of Richard the Lionheart
House №15, known among the capital's locals and guests as ‘the Castle of Richard the Lionheart,’ is one of the most attractive and mysterious buildings in Kyiv. Despite its romanticized name, the house has nothing to do with English King Richard the First. The writer Viktor Nekrasov gave such nickname to the unusual building in Neo-Gothic style for its resemblance to medieval knightly castles. Its

Landscape Alley • Kyiv (103 km.)
Landscape Alley
Landscape Alley • Kyiv (103 km.)
The Landscape Alley is without exaggeration one of the brightest and the most special areas in the Ukraine's capital. Hidden in the cozy yard in the Old Kyiv's very center, it is the favourite strolling place for Kyiv residents and the true magnet for capital's numerous guests, who always list this uncommon sight in their tourist itineraries. The Landscape Alley draws not only with its picturesque

St. Vladimir Cathedral • Kyiv (103 km.)
St. Vladimir Cathedral
St. Vladimir Cathedral • Kyiv (103 km.)
The monumental St. Vladimir Cathedral that stands opposite to the capital's Botanical Garden is reckoned among the most beautiful temples in Kyiv. Built by the best architects and painted by the prominent artists of their time, it is rightly considered the true work of art having high artistic value. It is not only Ukraine's capital's token cultic building, but one of its most fascinating architec

Park "Kyiv in Miniature" • Kyiv (100 km.)
Park "Kyiv in Miniature"
Park "Kyiv in Miniature" • Kyiv (100 km.)
The Park "Kyiv in Miniature" standing in the picturesque place on Dnieper River's bank is one of the most original parks in Ukrainian capital. It's a real outdoor museum, where the unique collection of small-scale models of the Kyiv's most famous architectural constructions is gathered on the territory of almost two hectares. Created in 2006, it has already managed to become the favourite recreati

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral (House of Organ and Chamber Music)
Spectacular building of the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, jutting out into the sky with two slender towers, is one of the most unusual and beautiful buildings in the Old Kyiv. Raised in untypical for Ukraine's capital Neo Gothic style, it significantly stands out against the background of other buildings at the city's downtown and inevitably amazes Kyiv's locals and guests. The need for a

Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk
Maidan Nezalezhnosti (literally: the Independence Square) is the heart of the modern Kyiv, its main and the most beautiful square that has become the symbol not only of the Ukrainian capital, but of the whole country. Being significantly transformed in the last ten years, it turned into the favourite walking place of Kyiv's locals and its numerous guests. Today it is the capital's most famous and

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo
To feel the original atmosphere of a Ukrainian village, to get to know the peasant's life and art, you do not have to drive into some remote province. You may do this in Kyiv by visiting the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life that is located in the capital's suburbs, not far from the village Pirogovo. The unique outdoor museum, on territory over 150 hectares, is considered to be one of the big

The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Arts
The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Arts - one of the most interesting museums in Kyiv - is famous for having the biggest and best collection of classical foreign art in Ukraine. In its collection are unique paintings, sculptures, graphics, decorative art of the Ancient world, works from Western Europe and Far East, all of which any of the world’s best known museums would be proud to own. T

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral
The sky-blue St. Michael's Cathedral, with its fabulously shining domes, is one of the most beautiful and important Orthodox temples in Ukraine. Built in the 90s, it is a remake of the destroyed St. Michael's Cathedral, which stood on the territory of the oldest monastery of Kyivan Rus for over eight centuries. The grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, Prince Sviatopolk, founded the cathedral in the ear
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