Resorts (Koblevo, Ochakiv)


Koblevo is the largest and most popular resort area on the Mykolaiv coast of the Black Sea. Located there are around one hundred sanatoriums, which are able to satisfy the most diverse tastes and demands of their guests.

Because of its idyllic nature and climate – a caressing sun, wide sandy beaches, an azure sea, and clean air aromatized by steppe herbs and coniferous forest - Koblevo became known as the perfect spot for a summer vacation. And located nearby is the Tiligulsky estuary, which is full of nature’s healing resources that have made it an attractive destination for those who want not only rest, but also rejuvenation on their getaways.

Koblevo can satisfy the needs of those who prefer quiet family vacations, as well as those who seek a more lively vacation. The resort features many restaurants, nightclubs, and discos, as well as the biggest water park in southwestern Ukraine, an amusement park, water sports rentals, and great spots to hang-glide.

Getting here: You can reach Koblevo from Odesa or Mykolaiv. Take a bus that goes from Mykolaiv’s transport station toward Odesa, or the direct Mykolaiv – Koblevo route (1 hour). Direct buses from Odesa to Koblevo depart from the bus station 'Privoz' (also around an hour).


Ochakiv is one of the most popular resorts around Mykolaiv. It is known for its mineral waters and healing muds. Thousands of Ukrainians and foreigners visit the resort’s sanatoriums for to relax and rejuvenate their health.

Ochakiv is best for vacationers with children. It has all the necessary conditions for a great family sojourn: sandy beaches, shallow waters, and top-notch facilities. Moreover, the Ochakiv coast is also interesting because of its amazing nature - sandy spits and picturesque gulfs, lakes, and salt marshes. The town itself is a godsend for those who enjoy a cultural aspect to their vacation. Many interesting landmarks are located here: the Suvorov Museum, the remains of the Turkish fortress Achi-Kale, and countless monuments and other sights.

Getting here: Busses run regularly to Ochakiv from Mykolaiv and Odesa. (1 hour and 2 hours, respectively).

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