The Kinburns'ka Kosa

This truly unique spit is one of the numerous natural treasures of southern Ukraine. The Kinburns'ka Kosa is the combination of a long sand belt and the peninsula adjoined to it. The Kinburns'ka Kosa is surrounded by the Dnieper-Bug bay on one side, the Black Sea on another, and with the Yagorlytskiy Gulf on the third.

This amazing peninsula has been a familiar place over the course of history. Over a thousand years ago, trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks went through it. Even before that, according to an ancient legend, a huge naval battle took place near the spit’s coast. Achilles’ troops won the battle and the hero organized on the spit an athletic competition, to commemorate his victory. Because of this, the Greeks later called the spit Achilles' Run. Another legend claims that a temple of Demeter there - the Goddess of agriculture and fertility – once stood there. The Scythians also treasured this place, keeping their gold here.

The Kinburns'ka Kosa strikes with its beautiful landscapes. Here, lush groves cross the virgin steppe, and sandy beaches shimmer against the background of the blue sea. There are over 200 lakes and gulfs on the territory of the peninsula, which are home to a great number of birds. On the peninsula, you can find white herons, European white pelicans, cranes, swans, and many other species of birds. Moreover, because of its special climate, number of healing herbs grow on the Kinburns'ka Kosa – which is why it is often called an outdoor pharmacy.

Nowadays, there is a natural reserve here - the regional landscape park ‘The Kinburns'ka Kosa,’ which is recognized by the UN.

Getting there: Take a bus from Mykolaiv, Odesa, or Kherson to Ochakiv; from there, you can take a boat to the Kinburns'ka Kosa that goes out twice a day (45 mins.). You may take a bus from Mykolaiv transport station to the Geroyskoe village, which is located right on the peninsula.

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