Parutino village (Ochakiv district)

Olvia’ is a national historical and archaeological conservation area, located in the Mykolaiv region, not far from Ochakiv. Located at the place of an ancient Greek colony, which was built in the 6th century BC and was one of the largest ancient city-states on the northern Black Sea coast.

Spacious steppes, estuaries merged with the sea, springs struggling to make their way through the bottom of ravine - no wonder the ancient Greeks chose to settle in this beautiful place! The place was called Olvia, meaning ‘happy.’

It was very prosperous city. Thanks to its unique geographical location, availability of fertile lands, and big rivers, it quickly gained the status of an important trade and fishing center. Unfortunately, after a thousand years, barbarians destroyed Olvia. Nowadays, most of its territory is under water.

Fortunately for archaeologists and tourists, however, a 270 hectares conservation area has remained. Today, you can see here many ruins – walls, gates, city quarters, central square, foundations of temples and altars, tombs of prominent Olvians, etc. Archaeological excavations on the ancient colony’s territory take place all the time, and the most interesting findings can be seen in a museum inside the old lighthouse.

Important! Because of fake archeologists, the entrance to the conservation area is patrolled. So, if you come on your own, not with a guided tour, it is best to go to the museum and purchase tickets immediately.

How to get there: You can get the village from Mykolaiv or Ochakiv. Minibuses and buses depart regularly for Parutino (30 minutes) right from the bus stop ‘ Dachnaya’ in Mykolaiv, located not far from the transit station. You can also go by taxi (250 - 300 UAH). As for Ochakiv, buses depart for Parutino several times a day (20 minutes).

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