Museum of Brewing

Kleparovska St. 18

Throughout its history Lviv was renowned not only for its inimitable architecture and excellent coffee, but also for its beer, which caught the fancy of both city’s locals and guests with its high quality and exclusive taste. Therefore, it is no wonder that it was here that Ukraine’s first and only Museum of Brewing was opened, in 2005.

The museum is situated in the semi-basement premises on the Lviv Brewery’s territory, which was built in 1715 and is considered to be the oldest one in the country. Its location has even longer ‘beer’ history. It is known that in the 14th century, some Ganko Kleper bought a beer production here (back then, these lands were Lviv’s Krakov suburbs). The street, where the brewery and the museum are located, was named after him.

Museum’s truly unique exposition invites visitors on a time travel through centuries and introduces the history of beer production and consumption in Lviv, from early ages to the present, to them. More than 300 original exhibits that are directly connected to the brewing process occupy six halls with total area of 600 square meters. Here one can see the equipment and technology, which was used in beer production several hundreds of years ago, learn how medieval brewers promoted their products, see the barrels, in which the amber drink was brewed and transported, as well as the apparatus for its bottling.

Museum’s halls house a small collection of bottle or barrel labels and captivating collections of antique beer bottles and mugs, made in different countries from various materials: glass, pottery, metal. In addition, there are unique recipe books from the late 19th century. The 10-liter glass, which belonged to a shareholder of the Lviv Brewery, is among the most unusual exhibits of the Museum of Brewing. And the 1797 qualification certificate, issued to a Lviv citizen and verifying that he made a training in brewing art and has the right to engage in this drink’s production, is among the most valuable ones.

Having seen all exhibition halls, the visitors can watch a ten-minute film about Lviv Brewery and taste the best varieties of unpasteurized beer.

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